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The Gamebirds Clothing Journey


Cindy and Sarah met in customs in Moscow airport in 2005, when Sarah’s gun case was prised open by a customs officer and as a result her gun was badly broken. In desperation, Sarah asked other shooters what she should do and everyone suggested to “see Tony, he is the man to talk to”. And that “man” was Cindy’s partner, who together, were travelling with the group to a shooting competition in Russia. From this disaster the friendship between Cindy and Sarah was formed.

Cindy is co-owner of Wiltshire Rod and Gun in Swindon and an amazing cook and hedgerow harvester. Cindy lives in the un-spoilt county of Wiltshire, loves shooting and walking in the countryside with Sookie, her gorgeous Norfolk Terrier. As a result of her 13 years in the industry, Cindy is the fashion guru on all things to do with ladies shooting gear.

Sarah has twin boys, Finlay and Milo, and works in IT and graphic design and has a passion for all things fun, including shooting. A GB F.I.T.A.S.C Gold Medal shot she still loves her shooting and now runs the web side of Gamebirds Clothing.

After years of adventures together, being frustrated with the lack of practical, feminine country clothing, Gamebirds Clothing was born.

Together we are Gamebirds Clothing, a personally designed, British ladies label, with the sole purpose of offering elegant country-chic styles to ladies worldwide.

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Offering elegant country chic clothing to ladies worldwide.