British Made Ladies Shooting Clothing

Ladies shooting clothing.


The number of ladies entering the clay and game shooting arena is on the increase. More single ladies, wives of proficient shots and groups of fun girlies want to enter the challenging and fun sport that is shooting. Looking good is also high on the agenda. Gone are the days when ladies have to dress in poorly fitted shooting gear designed for men and made pink for ladies! Gamebirds Clothing is trying to change the ladies shooting clothing landscape providing well fitting, elegant, yet functional clothing for all shooting ladies.

We have focused on producing gorgeous ladies shooting clothing with a difference. Gone are the baggy, ill-fitted breeks and manly tweeds as both or cord and moleskin breeks are part of our “skinny” range and are fitted to give a really elegant look whilst maintaining comfort and functionality.

Our “Gamebirds Tweed” is simply sumptious! It looks great in our product images but it is even better in real life. The nicely tailored fit of our Ptarmigan shooting waistcoat along with all the added extras make it the perfect tweed waistcoat, not only for game shooting but for day to day wear too.

Our Woodcock cord breeks are the only cord breeks on the market and are divine. The material is like velvet to the touch and they are extremely comfortable to wear on a long days shoot. The calf fastener is velcro to allow for a range or calf sizes and carries our embroidered Gamebirds feather logo.

Cord and moleskin that contain a small percentage of elastane mean that our Gamebirds Pheasant and Partridge trousers, also part of the “Skinny” range, can be worn in boots to shoot or with normal shoes for casual use.

Simply put our range of ladies shooting clothing is designed by ladies, for ladies. You can view the clothing if you are near Swindon at Wiltshire Rod & Gun Ltd or you can buy from our online shop.


British Made Ladies Shooting Clothing