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Gamebirds is proud to be 100% British

From early on we realised how important superior quality materials, immaculate workmanship and classic British design are to Gamebirds Clothing. This eye for detail and quality can be seen in every item we make and our customers have told us over and over again how lovely our ‘fit’ is compared to other major brands on the market.
Our pattern cutters cut our patterns by hand, they then grade them by hand, ensuring everyone from a size 6 upwards has the same shapely fit, no matter what size. Then our amazingly talented tailors, who are based only an hour away from us, make our clothing with such precision and workmanship that it translates in to a quality seen in our clothing that is hard to beat.
In an environment where plastic and non-sustainable products are still the norm, Gamebirds is committed to keeping the lowest ‘fashion footprint’ we possibly can. By producing in the UK and by using sustainable British materials we are standing by our belief in producing a luxury fashion line in a sustainable, eco-friendly way (minimal plastics use, low waste, low carbon footprint) right here in Britain.
Recent feedback from our customers and visitors on our show stands supports this and we are extremely proud to be able to say that all our clothing is now 100% made in the UK.

Brilliantly British is our focus.


With quality being of paramount importance to Sarah & Cindy, the focus on designing, sourcing & manufacturing within the UK was key. Our products are made to the highest standard by experts in their field and we are very proud of the outcome.

All our materials are sourced in the UK

Being British made is the cornerstone of our ethos and we are extremely proud that we can say that all our materials are sourced within the UK.

This in turn means that the quality of our clothing can be seen from a distance. Our products literally ooze quality and are second to none when you get them in your hands. We pride ourselves on our producing the highest quality luxury ladies lifestyle collection for ladies that will last you years.

Manufactured to the highest quality in the UK.


Gamebirds Clothing is proud to design, source our materials and make our products, right here in the UK. We are also proud to focus our efforts solely on ladies!

We hear of more and more ladies looking for something ‘different’ and not something that is ill-fitting or ‘manly’. Being focused on a niche, and with the added benefit of being lady shots ourselves, gives us a great insight into what ladies really want.

We continually strive to design products that not only fit correctly, this sounds like a given but it is actually not always standard in ladies shooting wear, but that have added style and elegance too. Ladies want to be comfortable but also like to look great when they shoot!

We place an enormous amount of importance on the origin of our clothes. Our ethos is all about supporting all things British and we have a firm belief that ‘British is Best’ when it comes to the quality of clothing. Gamebirds has adopted the ‘Brilliantly British’ strap line reflecting the pride we have that nearly all of our clothing is made to the highest specs, in the UK, by experts in their field.

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Proud to offer a British luxury lifestyle collection for ladies.